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Five ways to make your bathroom more efficient


Small changes to your bathroom can make a big difference to your environmental impact. Go green with these quick tips …

Reduce the flush

If your loo cistern is less than a decade old, chances are you’ll have a dual-flush system already, so you’re only using as much water as you need. If not, and you’re not in a position to replace it, consider gently placing a brick inside the cistern to minimise water usage.

Watch how you wash

Use a liquid handwash from a brand that offers biodegradable products. It will cut down on the chemicals you’re washing into the environment. Better still, use a bar of soap to cut down on unnecessary plastic packaging.

Pop in a plant

Put a plant in your bathroom to oxygenate the air. It will not only reduce humidity and inhibit mould growth – cutting down on the cleaning products you’ll have to use – but will also absorb a variety of indoor air pollutants. If your bathroom has a sunny spot, consider an aloe vera plant. Otherwise, a spider plant is a great option, since it thrives without direct sunlight.

Slow the shower flow

A low-flow shower head – which bubbles air into the water flow – gives you the same invigorating early-morning sensation as a full-fat shower, but uses a lot less fresh water as it does so. Some models come with a switch, so you can quickly halve the pressure while you’re applying shampoo or shower gel.

You moss be kidding …

If you’re really keen on going green, what about a moss carpet shower mat? Apart from strengthening your connection with nature every time you shower, it’s one less thing you have to wash.

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